Monday, November 14, 2005

cont "Able Danger" vs. Curt Weldon- Propaganda Hoax or Truth?

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Real Reason for Able Danger-"leaks": scripting 9/11 ties with China? In today's NY Post we're finally getting some clues, what other reasons than to reinforce the official plotline of 9/11, the story of Able Danger might have: scripting somehow 9/11 ties with China, to build up a psyOP for the big endgame between Russia, China and US. Able Danger was a setup and trojan against China from the beginning, distracting from other already confirmed 9/11 patsie-surveillance teams, which had nothing to do with the military operation of 9/11 anyway. August 27, 2005 "...The private contractors working for the counter-terrorism unit Able Danger lost their jobs in May 2000. The firings following a series of analyses that Pentagon lawyers feared were dangerously close to violating laws banning the military from spying on Americans, sources said. The Pentagon canceled its contract with the private firm shortly after the analysts — who were working on identifying al Qaeda operatives — produced a particularly controversial chart on proliferation of sensitive technology to China, the sources said... ...the program also spat out scores of names of other former government officials with legitimate ties to China, as well as prominent American businessmen... ...A Pentagon official said last night that, while the canned contractors worked for Able Danger, the China project was separate from the counter-terrorism assignment. The Able Danger work was transferred to another Department of Defense contractor — and the program quietly expired later that year when it was completed, the official said. The China chart was put together by James Smith, who confirmed yesterday that his contract with the military was canceled and he was fired from his company because the military brass became concerned about the focus on U.S. citizens..." NOTE: Since 9/11, Bill Gertz ("The China Threat") , defense and national security reporter for The Washington Times, tries to tie 9/11 with China and also insisted to claim before the invasion of Iraq, that China may still be helping Iraq upgrade its air defenses. Gertz has been a guest lecturer at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Va.; the Central Intelligence Agency; the National Defense University at Fort McNair, Washington, DC; and the Brookings Institution, Washington, DC. Gertz was also supported by Maj. Gen. John K. Singlaub, former CIA deputy chief in South Korea, by refering to the book "Unrestricted Warfare” by Senior Cols. Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, who apparently wrote in 1999 that an attack by bin Laden on the World Trade Center would be just the type of "unrestricted warfare” that could bring down America. [] 1999 was also the same year, when an allegeged accidentally attack on the Chinese Embassy was the official excuse to postpone an assassination attempt on Bin Laden on hold, which should have taken place 2 weeks later. The team was organised by "anonymous" Michael Scheurer, as revealed last year by Vanity Fair: ".....the missiles were on place, and everything seemed like a go.... But earlier that month, outdated intelligence had caused the United States to mistakenly bomb the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. It appears that Tenet's assessment that the intelligence had only a 50/50 chance of being accurate helped kill the operation... The US, Russia or China wants to win the endgame of WW3/4, to rule the world. That's also the reason, why all these nations cover up the truth about 9/11 and use the bogus war on terrorism as a cover, to build up for the final phase. This week, a wargame by China and Russia revealed, that the timetable against US is set. End of war game, China lays out spread for Russia Saturday, August 27, 2005 ‘...Through the exercises, the two armed forces... improved their capabilities to meet new challenges and threats and to fight international terrorism, extremism and separatism,’’ Xinhua quoted Chinese Defence Minister Cao Gangchuan as saying..."

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