Thursday, November 10, 2005

CNN / Blogging

Got to give CNN credit .... they are using the word "apparent" before suicide bombers.

Earlier today, American Embassy in China warned about China hotel (terror) strikes may happen. 6:35

Austrailia more arrests (terrorists)

Pat Roberts says Congressional investigation in leak (about worldwide CIA-runprisons) will stop because Justice dept. is doing the investigation.

CNN does horrible job of Judy Miller story (she's gone from NY Times).
(I think Lou is idiot here...)

Kurt Weldon: Army's intelligence unit uncovered 9/11 plan, Pentagon ignored.
including USS Cole

Slade Gorton, interview from a few weeks. (Able Danger was nothing).

Joints Chiefs of Staff were briefed (about Able Danger in Jan 2001)
100 congresspeople signed on today to have the military to testify.

Rumsfeld (quoted words on screen): says it's (Able Danger) an interesting story

Lou and Kurt seems to agree Rumsfeld may not have known about Able Danger details. This seems to be a undeserved pass.

Weldon: American people will see that govt. failed them.

my thought: Weldon knows there was a cover up, he just doesn't know show the faintest idea of the true big picture.

Update at 7:33 CNN Nematt guy actually does something other than spout Al Qaeda, Al Zawari nonsense.

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