Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Audio: A New Member of this Blog, Lisa Ghariani


It is with great enthusiasm that I am announcing that Lisa Ghariani has agreed to add posts to this blog. Lisa is an activist and free lance journalist who is currently working with the OKBIC and former Rep. Charles Key on the Murrah Bombing investigation. She lives in OKC and has a colorful web site (http://www.possibilityx.com/lg/main.htm) chronicling stories with photos, humor and satirical comments. Lisa is not a spokesperson for OKBIC, so her opinions do not necessarily represent the views of the members of the OKBIC.


I'm glad to see there is still interest concerning the Oklahoma City Murrah bombing investigation. I will be more than happy to answer questions and try to separate the truth from fiction surrounding this tragic event.

Oklahoma City recently experienced a suicide bombing just 100 yards from the stadium at OU which was hosting a game. The stadium was packed with 84,000 fans at the time who were not allowed to leave the stadium. This act was carried out by yet another angry white boy. This was ironic timing because Charles Key, Chris Emery and I were speaking in South OKC about the Murrah bombing at the exact moment when this happened. The news media did an abrupt turn-a-round and basically refused to cover the story. The media acting in concert with David Boren immediately played down the act so as not to reduce attendance at the football games. I thought I would mention this story because it brought back so many memories for those of us who were in OKC shortly after the Murrah bombing. I was called the day after the event by a friend of mine in the journalism dept at a local college. I went to work for CNN who had set up a temporary bureau close to ground zero. I remained employed as a courier and escort for about 90 days until the story faded from the news. During this time I was privy to see the behind the scenes, day to day operations at CNN.

What peaked my interest was one story that CNN was reporting about the surveillance video tapes that were seized by the FBI and what was on those tapes. Shortly after running the story orders came down the ranks to pull the story due to National security concerns and the tapes faded into history... The Judge who presided over the Mcveigh and Nichols trials had the tapes sealed by a court order and they have yet to be released to this day. Sources working with the OKBIC anonymously who helped copy the tapes indicated that there were a total of 22 such tapes taken from the area following the Murrah Bombing on April 19, 1995.

Ten years later the American public is still not allowed to see those tapes and put to rest all the hype surrounding this case. Who was John Doe # 2? This has been the subject of speculation for many years. Although there are many conflicting theory's I have concentrated my investigation on what I call "hard evidence." This is the type of evidence that will hold up in a court of law, Grand Jury or a Congressional hearing.

Currently I am focusing my attention on two suspects who were recently implicated last April by Terry Nichols himself. One has to conclude that if he decided to finally say something after all of these years that this information should be followed up on even if the FBI has "closed the case" as Jeff Lanza a spokes person for the FBI reportedlast May.

Lastly, I was asked to say something about my visit to Crawford Texas where I met Cindy Sheehan and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern. I have been very out spoken about ending the quagmire in Iraq and I'm currently organizing protests in Oklahoma City. After sifting through a virtual mountain of documents that clearly show the current administration had a pre-conceived policy to invade Iraq that began as soon as GW Bush was sworn into office. Part of this plan I feel was to implicate Iraq in terrorist activity. Around this time support came from top administration officials for Jayna Davis and her "the Iraqi's did the Murrah bombing" theory. One only has to read the blurbs on her book and the foreward to determine that something strange was going on here. The book was poorly written and the investigation itself reads like a B movie screenplay. I do give her credit for her tenacity dealing with the DOJ cover-up but I personally feel the crux of her theory is not Congressional hearing material.

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