Tuesday, September 27, 2005

CLOAK EXCLUSIVE: Supreme Bribery?


Coca-Cola, Disney, and CIA---Court Bribery Center

Homeland Security and FBI illegally blocked the U.S. Supreme Court from receiving our documents, showing five judges on the high court were corrupted in Bush vs Gore, 12/2000. In Coca-Cola's headquarters hometown, the Atlanta Federal Prosecutor, disregarded our documents in his possession, and cut short the Federal Grand Jury inquiry into massive book-cooking by Coke's top management, many of whom fled or quit.
Why? The Bushie Federal Gestapo evaded bringing out the details of Coke's overseas operations as a CIA proprietary. And, that Coke, jointly with CIA's other devil, Mickey Mouse, corrupted five high court judges to arbitrarily install George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the White House.
And now, as to Coke's ad agency, Interpublic Group:
"Interpublic Group, in a sign that its accounting problems are more serious than previously understood, says an internal investigation has turned up instances of 'misapropriation of assets' and 'falsified books and records' that violated laws, mainly occurring at operations outside the U.S." Wall St.Journal, 9/16/5.
And now again, apparently implicated, are CIA/COCA-COLA/DISNEY as the Court bribery center. Another top Federal whitewash coming? Stay tuned.

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