Friday, August 12, 2005

News Hounds: Fox Wants NFL To Fire Mick Jagger

News Hounds: Fox Wants NFL To Fire Mick Jagger

Fox has been going after Mick Jagger because of his new song, "Sweet Neo Con", and today the gossip chompers on Fox & Friends decided to take the punishment up a notch by trying to get the NFL to fire him.

Mick Jagger has recently stated that his song does not target President Bush personally.
"It's not aimed at President Bush. It couldn't be called "Sweet Neo Con" if it were."

The trio speculated that Jagger was trying to protect his NFL contract. Steve Doocy said, "Maybe he doesn"t want to be dixie-chicked." So that's exactly what they tried to do.

An impromptu poll was suggested asking viewers if they thought Mick Jagger should be canned by the NFL for writing the song. In a very short time, Doocy reported that only one viewer out of the many responses wanted Jagger to keep his contract to perform at the Super Bowl. E.D. Hill commented that it would be really awkward if President Bush went to the Super Bowl and saw Mick Jagger perform.

comment: Somehow I doubt that Mick Jagger really needs the NFL contract and the Dixie Chicks are doing just fine now and still have their self respect and integrity intact too. Of course, integrity and self respect are non issues in the world of Fox News.

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