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Another Day in the Empire � Whitewash Crew Attempts to Bury Able Danger Revelations

Another Day in the Empire � Whitewash Crew Attempts to Bury Able Danger Revelations: "Whitewash Crew Attempts to Bury Able Danger Revelations"

Whitewash Crew Attempts to Bury Able Danger Revelations
August 16th, 2005 Kurt-->
It really is a no-brainer: Mohamed Atta (and his doubles) was allowed to run around the country unmolested, apparently plotting mayhem (as instructed), even though a DIA op dubbed Able Danger discovered him and attempted sound the alarm. In a lame effort to bury this damaging revelation, nine eleven whitewash commission taskmasters Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton issued a joint statement declaring “that panel staff members have found no documents or other witnesses to back up claims made by a U.S. Navy officer, who told the commission staff in July 2004 that he recalled seeing Atta’s name and photograph on a chart prepared by another officer. Panel officials also said they have found no evidence to support similar claims made to reporters by a second person, a former defense intelligence official,” reports the Washington Post. “None of the documents turned over to the commission mention Mohamed Atta or any of the other future hijackers,” the whitewash commission statement continued. “Nor do any of the staff notes on documents reviewed in the [Defense Department] reading room indicate that Mohamed Atta or any of the other future hijackers were mentioned in any of those documents.” I guess Kean and Hamilton never heard of a paper shredder.
“The importance of this week’s revelation that an Army intelligence unit was tracking Mohamed Atta’s movements in the U.S. during 1999 and 2000 is so mind-boggling that it seems nobody quite gets it yet,” opines Daniel Hopsicker. “Here’s the big question nobody seems to be ready to ask: Upon what basis did the 9.11 Commission conclude that the FBI’s timeline was correct and that an elite Army Intel unit was mistaken in saying they were tracking Mohamed Atta roaming freely across America during 1999 and 2000?” Another no-brainer: the FBI timeline fits the official nine eleven cover story whereas the timeline brought to light by Congress critter Curt Weldon does not. “This is much ado about nothing,” declared a senior Pentagon official, attempting to bury the damn thing. It really is an embarrassment and needs to be buried along with a dog bone and junior’s homework, preferably in the depths of Foggy Bottom where the skeletons are stacked high.
Back in 2002, it was revealed (by Oliver Schroem in the German publication Die Zeit) that the CIA knew exactly what their proxy (al-CIA-duh) was up to as they had Malaysian spooks monitoring an al-CIA-duh confab in Kuala Lumpur, where the attacks on the USS Cole and World Trade Center were planned. “The CIA was able to determine the identities of the participants, if not the entire agenda. Among those attending: …Ramzi Binalshibh, a student in Germany who then returned there and supposedly organized the Hamburg cell led by Atta; and … Khalid Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi. They subsequently entered the United States and moved around the country freely for 18 months, before they allegedly helped to hijack the Pentagon plane on Sept. 11,” the New York Times reported at the time. “Although the C.I.A. identified the two men as suspected extremists, the agency did not request that they be placed on the government’s watch lists to keep them out of the United States until late August 2001. By that time, they were both already in the country. In addition, while the two men lived in San Diego, their landlord was an F.B.I. informant, but the bureau did not learn of their terrorist links from the informant.”
In other words, we are expected to believe both the CIA and the FBI are completely brain-dead and unable to process the most basic intelligence information. In fact, the CIA (with the assistance of the so-called Israeli “art student” spies and covert op facilitators) micromanaged the nine eleven plot patsies, from Hamburg to flight training and beyond. “Rather than uncover the real story of the terrorist attacks, the commission conducted a sophisticated cover-up of the real relations between US government agencies and the terrorists who killed 3,000 people,” writes Patrick Martin. “Meanwhile, [Philip] Zelikow, the chief organizer of the 9/11 panel, has been rewarded for his services to the Bush administration and to the military/intelligence apparatus with an appointment as senior counselor to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, a longtime friend and associate.” In short, moles working for the real nine eleven plotters are in the process of receiving accolades for all their hard work.
Of course, the Able Danger revelations are less than worthless—and will be swept under the rug in due time—because most Americans have swallowed the official version of events hook, line, and sinker, and are not keen to discover what really happened on nine eleven, as they blissfully go about their way like herded sheep, unquestioningly taking whatever pabulum their government dishes out, and limiting their political activity and awareness to sporting yellow magnetic ribbons on their SUVs.

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