Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Values Must Define The Day -- Star Parker -- GOPUSA

Values Must Define The Day -- Star Parker -- GOPUSA

BG: What a muddled mess of an editorial:

"Regardless of circumstances, regardless of culture, eyes need to be refocused inward rather than outward, values and personal responsibility need to define the day, and the hard work needs to start. There is simply no alternative. "

Might the author consider these values:

-honest elections
-human rights (Geneva Convention, No Tortune, habeus .. and fair trial)
-respect for children caught in battles of war
-rule of law
-avoiding senseless war and consequent death and destruction
-govt not paying supposed independent journalists for propaganda work
-honest government commissions that don't serve as simply coverups

How can the GOP stand for values when their leaders are destroying any semblance of honesty in govt?

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