Thursday, June 09, 2005

C-Span / David Ray Griffin Post from ( Real Video) ::::: The 9/11 Truth Movement
If you want 12 minutes of highly energizing proof that 9/11 truth is still spreading on the ground,
watch the May 26 Washington Journal excerpts at 9/11 Commission Co-chair Lee
Hamilton was on to flack for upcoming “hearings” to be held by the post-Commission
“Public Discourse Project” which are supposed to grade the government for implementation of Commission recommendations. To his surprise, Hamilton found most callers giving him flunking grades for the Report itself, and accusing his commission of cover-ups on every front. He bobs, weaves and dodges most serious questions, but finally challenges the skeptics to present their own evidence “in the public arena.” Since the host was C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb, he himself can
begin to open that arena to 9/11 truth spokespeople so we ask you all to write him and courteously request that chance.

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