Friday, September 24, 2004

Edwards on Cheney


Tony Walton said...

What would you do for a Million Dollars?

would you tell a lie?

would you send someone you've never met to their death?

would you cheat someone out of their oil who doesn't even speak your language?

now ask yourself would you do any of the above for several billion?

and most importantly, would a politician? any names come to mind? ask yourself why that particular name comes to mind and do you find yourself defending your own conclusions? hmm... i didn't even have to say a thing... lol.

Tony Walton said...

A plea to fellow Americans...

I am making a plea to fellow Americans (present family excluded of course) to help me go git them damn evil-doin Iranians before they git us.

They are working on weapons of nuclear mass destruction and it is our duty as red blooded Americans to git Halliburton some more Government contracts.

Er.. I mean.. uh.. there seems to be a problem with my earpiece. Uh.. hold on a sec...

Ok. Got it. It's your duty to die for Iranian freedom. Thank you.

And as I leave you today please listen to the inspirational re-mix of "War"

War! HA! What it is a good for? Absolutely nuthin, but gettin me and mines rich! HA! Sing it again...

Haliburton! HA! Here's another contract. HA! Good for anutha five years.. YA! Sing it again...

American People! HA! You're all a bunch of sucka's. HA! Dying for my oil buddies HO! Did it to ya again... yyyeeeaahhh... ha ha!