Friday, August 13, 2004

911, Christianity, "One World Order"

Would it surprise you to know that some individuals and groups don't think Bush is leading us to become a more Christian nation?

Sure, you say there are fringe groups for every viewpoint.

I want to tread lightly here. I don't claim to be an expert on this.

There are various groups who believe the Fed. Govt., in collusion with other world powers, is betraying our values and our future. These groups / individuals often rally around opposition to the movement toward "One World Order" (OWO), which is a phrase G HW Bush used during his Presidency. For the anti-OWO person, the events of 911 and the Patriot Act, and the Middle East Wars are part of an overall coordinated series of events that will destroy America's sovereignty.

Here's a typical article....

Why do I make a post on this, anyway?

Here's why:

The websites, and the sister site regularly have news and information that explains what may be the truth behind the scenes in our changing America. There is Alex Jones' radio show, on the internet and on traditional talk radio. Mr. Jones is convinced we are seeing a police state in the making, and wants to sound the alarm. He was on record during the Summer of 2001 (, as predicting an occurence was about to happen like what happened on 911. He doesn't claim to be devinely inspired, but works to use historical facts and current news to document the progression of our loss of liberty that should concern us all.

Even if you have no interest in accepting the overall framework, his radio interviews, his research, his web postings have been extremely worthwhile for truth-telling. His efforts will always be a valuable portion of the total picture, if we can ever find a way to share the whole story of 911 with the World at large.

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